Development of specific participation and cogeneration models for local communities
Our approach puts the local community at the center of development plans. Active participation and coopetition are the basis for economic and social development…

and stimulate local businesses to be more competitive, strengthen public institutions and the local community and help implement integrations and coopetition models.

We follow our clients from project identification to the completion of the strategy, action plan implementation and the monitoring of results. Our network of experts is able provide consulting services at 360°, stimulating business competitiveness, strengthening public institutions and local communities and implementing social and cultural integration models.


Strategy planning, DMO development and assistance , DMC development, Value Chain Analysis, Tourism Marketing Plans, Tourism satellite accounts, Market studies, Analysis of international and national tourism demand, Impact assessments, Business investment models, Institutional and political strengthening models, Investment sensitivity analysis, Social media data analysis.

Cultural Heritage

Feasibility studies, Visitor flow analysis, Queue management, Promotional programs, Cost benefit analysis, Management strategies for museums and archaeological sites, Development of cultural districts, Cultural heritage management, Social and economic impact assessments, Tangible and intangible cultural heritage models, Creative industry development models.
Our Areas
of Expertise

Urban Development

Urban development plans, Identification of infrastructure projects, Cost benefit analysis, Redevelopment of strategies for urban growth, Redevelopment of degraded areas, Institutional capability analysis, Identification of main attractions and areas for urban intervention, Transport systems analysis, Financial evaluation of investments, Investment sensitivity analysis.

Rural Development

Poverty reduction interventions, Financial programs for territorial growth, Development and management of investment funds, Project evaluation, Assistance for EU project application, Circular economics programs, Financial evaluation of investments, Investment sensitivity analysis, Impact assessments.

Tools and

Data Analysis and Market Research

Direct surveys with tourists, travel agents, tour operators, and tourism businesses, Focus groups, secondary data analysis from official sources and international reports.

Co-generation meeting

Our innovative approach to discussing and sharing information with all stakeholders to best define guidelines, strategies and actions plans which are realistic and implementable.

Tools and

Social data analysis

Personalized research using our own online platform which provides data on social media performance and reputation and semantic analysis of online reviews for both tourism businesses and destinations.

Research and Innovation

Innovative working approach, webinars, virtual meetings and web collaborations, personalized web design.

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