Pre- investment studies for the investment project ‘improvement of the historical centers in lima, Arequipa, Trujillo and Ayacucho’

Peru has important ‘Old Towns’, and both Lima and Arequipa are on the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to their rich and varied material and immaterial cultural heritage. This Consultancy aims to develop 3 pre-feasibility investment studies, identify investments to improve the architectural and structural stability of historical buildings, the rehabilitation of public spaces to promote and strengthen the cultural landscape and heritage using a holistic and multi-level approach in the 3 project areas

  • Trujillo Old Town
  • Arequipa Old Town
  • Barrios Altos Old Town in the District of Lima

An international team (Italy, Colombia and Peru) of 20 multi-disciplinary specialists has been put together to implement this project.

Inter – American Development Bank
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