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Consultancy for structuring, implementing and strengthening a Network of actors for the development of Nautical and Cultural Tourism in the Bahia de Todos os Santos

Description of Project:
The objective is to organize governance around a network of public-private actors to strengthen tourism ventures of the nautical and cultural segments aiming at the development of sustainable tourism in 18 municipalities of the Bay by structuring the network of actors for the development of Nautical and Cultural Tourism; strengthening the actors to improve the services and products offered; fostering competitiveness for the increase of employment and income in the BTS; generating new business to boost the tourism production chain; Integrating cultural undertakings into nautical itineraries; Creating and strengthening new tourism products.


  • YEAR

    2018 - 2020




    SETUR - Bahia


    ARS Progetti Spa and Artesãos do Brasil

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