A Tourism Sector Short Term Recovery Plan For Jamaica

The IDB is supporting the Government of Jamaica to update Jamaica’s current Tourism Master Plan to consider new and emerging realities, especially the new travel and tourism demand and supply trends post COVID-19, climate change, and the need to increase productivity and adapt to the new technological advances, such as Big Data or artificial intelligence, and the knowledge driven environment.

The specific objectives are to contribute to:

a) Boosting the tourism sector recovery, amplifying the sector’s contribution to socioeconomic development and poverty reduction, and increasing the productivity of the tourism sector, particularly through innovation and entrepreneurship.

b) Building the resilience of the Jamaican tourism sector to the COVID-19 pandemic and to pandemics in general, as well as reinforcing the sector’s resilience to climate change and other natural and Anthropocene disruptions.

c) Promoting the knowledge-based and technology-enabled development of Jamaican tourism in order to upgrade, transform and strengthen the tourism sector’s business ecosystem, making it more productive.

2021 -2022
Inter American Development Bank
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